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Little Roman Boy (Red Ver. Vocals Outtake)

from Little Roman Boy by Neo Te Aika



Notes on LITTLE ROMAN BOY, 2021 (Vocals)

This was fun to record! I surprised myself with a few "flicks" in the takes that I doubt I could reproduce easily, I noticed I'm starting to subconsciously strive for higher pitch melodies compared to previous years and works.

I wanted to bring the voice of a "character", a maddened narrator of sorts that brings you through the story and twists and turns, this sorta goes full force at the climax of the track where I sort of ended up going all over the range!

This time I wanted to really infuse more soul and gusto into the vocals, really go all out. I may not be the best at staying in tune but I think the vocals are interesting and entertaining to listen to, what do you think!?

Previous years were recorded with a Focusrite CM25, this year I upgraded to a Shure PGA181 and I'd like to think it really makes the vocals shine compared to previous recordings.



There was a small little soldier
I gave him too many toys
And now he’s easily annoyed
I told him was just a game, only just a game

He gathered up a militia
And declared all the rules
He knew he had all the power
And it made him a powerful fool


Little Roman boy has come to take your queen
He's already taken everything from me
Marching with a legion burning cities for joy, he's a
Little Roman boy


With a knife he calls a sword
A slave to cut when he’s bored
This tiny mighty kid turns a smile to a frown
So don't you come across, you’d better go around

It was him and I playing in a battle he won
I was tired and defeated, for today I was done, he said
I’ll never stop, I'm having too much fun
I’m gonna conquer every single village under the sun


Little Roman boy has come to take your king
He’s already taken everything from me
Marching with a legion burning cities for joy, he's a
Little Roman boy

Little Roman boy has come to take your things
Taking everything is his philosophy
Says it’s for the greater good while laughing with joy
Little Roman boy


All it took to make him like this was a couple of toys
Deep inside he’s still just a boy
But make no mistake that he will have your head

A deadly Roman boy
A crazy Roman boy
A little Roman boy

Little Roman boy


from Little Roman Boy, released November 11, 2021


all rights reserved



Neo Te Aika New Zealand

Hunkered down in the rainiest part of Aotearoa, Neo works with hardware and software to tell stories through sound, often inspired by New Wave.

He also really likes takoyaki & the colour purple.

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